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Keith Rosa & Gill Rodrigues

A pharmacist and college students who received $100,000 to start a coffee shop.

Jackie Smith

had a dead end job in accounting and received over $30,000 for a degree in tax accounting.

Jamie Kelley

was unemployed and received free tuition, transportation, spending money, plus $700-a-month child care to train for a new job.

Arlene Hooks

With no collateral she received money to buy equipment for her business, plus a microloan.

Marshall T. Poe
Washington, D.C.

spent 15 years supporting himself with government money studying Russian studies.

Bart Woodward

uses money from government contracts to work at home with the kids while his wife uses money to go to medical school.

Tori Stewardson

a 42-year-old mother received over $15,000 plus books and transportation to go back to school to finish her degree.

Blanca Basson

a singer who received over $30,000 to start a home-based business doing musical jingles.

John Sennett

a bar manager who received over $25,000 to go back to school and is now marketing director for a hot internet company.

Sheri Winchell

lost her job in telemarketing and received government money to start a monogram store in a shopping mall.

James Freericks
Washington, D.C.

received over$500,000 in government money to work on his project and travel overseas.

Raymond Whitfield
Washington, D.C.

At 68 years old received over $20,000 from the government to get a Master's Degree in vocational rehabilitation.

These Billionaires Made Their First Million With Government Money Way Before They Were Captains of Industry!


Anne M.
Common Ground Bistro

$30,000 to start a coffee shop
Shed Stop

$1,000,000 for a pet product business
$30,000 to develop a CD and play his
Robin Industrial & Building Supplies

$50,000 to purchase her warehouse
Charles Nai
Quali-Tech Northeast

$550,000 to start a home inspection business
Institute for Human Resources

$2,000,000 for her training company
David Schick
Pro Shure Group, Inc

$100,000 to help start a consulting company
David Glass
Desserts by David Glass

$50,000 to start a dessert business
Diane Gann
Gann Legal Resource Center
$25,000 to start a legal resource center
Diane Turner
$3,000 worth of classes to train for a
new job
Edward Dysarz
$100,000 to work on his invention
Pennsylvania Gifts and Awards

$25,000 government contract
Gale Coates

$3,000,000 government contract for her consulting business

$10,000 to study business in college
Louis Diaz
Compania de Seguros

$20,000 to start his insurance business
Louis Sigcha
La Familia Supermarket

$150,000 to expand his business
$7,000 to repair her mom's roof
Max Lesko,
Philip Dawsey and Andrew Tingley

$10,000 to work on an anti-smoking project
Southern Environmental Industrial

$1,000,000 for his consulting business
Monica Lesko
Avio Galleries

$400,000 in art sales
Ms. Ella
De/Ella. Inc
$50,000 to start a word store
Pamela Viers
$50,000 in college money for her children
Phil Newsome
$9,000 to train for a new job
R. W. Pinner
New Career
After forced retirement got the job of a
lifetime in 24 hours
Skip Smith
$3,000 worth of free prescription drugs for
his mother
Lord Edwards Grooming
$40,000 to start a pet grooming business

$15,000 to finish her degree

Tracey Walton
Walton & Green
$199,000 for her computer business
Wendy Lesko
Activism 2000
$100,000 for her consulting business
Mark and
Michelle Levendoski
Mark Alan Salon
$35,000 to start a hair care salon


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