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Free Government Money and Matthew Lesko

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The Press Hails:
Mathew Lesko 's
FREE Government Money Secret's Are Real!...

ABC News: " Mathew Leskos book is intended for the average consumer to take advantage of government programs"


New York Times:  " The vast reservoir of information is why Matthew Lesko is a success."


CNN News: "Matthew Lesko has dedicated his life to the motto: The best things in life are free"


The Columbus Dispatch: "Contrary to public opinion, the government can help you change your life for the better"


Nashville Banner: "Mathew Lesko... makes a lot of sense about getting the most out of our government, getting all kinds of free stuff - that when you think of it, you have already paid for with your taxes"


Parade Magazine: "Mathew Lesko specialty is getting free information from Washington"


Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Matthew Lesk has built a business on telling people how to get theirs and change their lives"


The Tampa Tribune: "The Mathew Lesco 1136 page telephone book-size guide lists 15,000 sources for $350 billion in government cash."

Austin American-Statesman: "The Mathew Lesco Consummate guide to all the ways we, as tax paying American citizens, can utilize the free expert information out there."


Wall St. Journal: " His knowledge helps find answers in unlikely places"


Chicago Sun Times: "Matt Lesko Knows more about the government than most of its high level executives."


AlbanyTimes Union: "Matt Lesko has carved a niche for himself as the guy who knows where to ask the questions, especially when the answers involve government programs and money."


MinneapolisStar Tribune: "Mathew Lesko is a purveyor of government information."


The Indianapolis Star: "Lesko clowns around because it iss fun and it draws attention to his books, which contain tons of serious information."