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Millionaires Are Eligible

Everyone is eligible for government money programs. I continue to use these programs for myself and my entire family. The rich and famous use these programs for their success. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, H. Ross Perot, Federal Express, and Nike shoes have all used these programs. These programs are for everyone who lives in this great democracy. You just have to know where to go to take advantage of them


From Matthew Lesko:

It is easy to think that grants such as real estate grants are for other people.  I used to think that too. I grew up in the small town of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, and I used to think that anyone who got free government grant money was either real rich and knew someone, or real poor and embarrassed. After 25 years of studying these programs I now know better. I personally got grants for business and to go to graduate school. My teenage sons even got a $10,000 grant to work on an anti-smoking project. I received government grants to put my kids through college and I make a good amount of money. My wife and sister have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in government money in the form of government contracts for their home-based businesses. Grants are for people who know about the programs -- rich, poor, young or old. All Americans are eligible for something, but they just donít know where the grants are.

Billions Of Dollars Are Given Out Every Year To Ordinary Citizens.
Find Out How You Can Get Your Share!!


You donít have to be a Harvard graduate to write a successful book in the United States. I flunked English in college and sold over 2 million books

$100,000 to write for the government on you kitchen table
$50,000 from publishers to write a novel or non-fiction
$10,000 to write books for kids
$12,000 to study your saxophone, dance or poetry
$5,000 to produce your own CD
$125,000 To Start A Non-Profit

Over 1 million non-profits are registered with the government. You can get...

$50,000 to open a teen center
$100,000 for programs to help seniors
$250,000 to develop housing for people with disabilities
$25,000 to help kids learn
Free help to set up a non-profit and apply for grants

You Donít Know What To Ask For. Let Me Show You How To Get...

$150,000 to open a bed and breakfast
$30,000 to go to school in Hawaii
$43,000 to become a French chef
$100,000 to open a restaurant
$150,000 to open a medical practice
$35,000 to become a grizzly bear tagger
$70,000 to study arts management
$50,000 to edit science magazines at home
$2,000 to study storytelling
$20,000 to produce TV shows for kids
$12,000 to attend a cowboy festival in Australia
$5,000 to start a street hockey distributorship
$75,000 to renovate an old house
$100,000 to start a day care center
$5,000 grant to train your employees
$22,000 of free training as a high school dropout
$5,000 if you hire an ex-aerospace worker

Each Year Over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs get government money to start or expand a business likeÖ

$150,000 business grant to start a coffee shop
$30,000 to start a craft business in your home
$2,000,000 grant or loan to be a real estate housing expert
$65,000 to open a hair salon
$50,000 to export cowboy boots to France
$10,000 to become a skate board distributor
$200,000 for your landscaping business
$300,000 to sell art to the government
$100,000 to be a freelancer working at home
$80,000 to Get The Education For Your Dream Job

Each year over 6,000,000 job seekers from 17 to 75 get government money to go to college full time or part time like...

$30,000 to become a French chef
$45,000 plus $1,200 per month to become a health professional
$15,000 to finish your degree at age 40
$25,000 to get a masters in counseling
$20,000 to finish your accounting degree
350 colleges to attend for free if youíre 55+
$10,000 To Train For A Promotion Or A Better Job

Each year over 10,000,000 job seekers get government help to upgrade their skills like...

$8,000 to update your computer skills in 3 months
$5,000 to learn customer service skills
$15,000 to become a massage therapist
$5,000 for your new employer to hire you
$20/hr part time work while going to school
$10,000 for doctors to learn a new procedure
$12,000 to become a computer network engineer
$7,000 to learn to repair violins
$250,000 to Work On Your Invention

Donít call a private invention company if you have a good idea that the world has to have. Government offices will give youÖ

$150,000 to develop a measuring device for children
$75,000 to discover a way to eliminate rodents
$200,000 to improve the efficiency of automobiles
$60,000 to discover new uses for old tires

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