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Matthew LeskoUncle Sam Celebrates Busy Mom’s

Government Data shows that when a married women goes to work outside the home she will increase the family income by an extra 93% and her husband will increase his share of the housework by only one hour per week. Slow Down! Here's a book that will do your work for you.

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  • Free Cars For Moms To Get To Work
  • Free Child Safety Seats
  • $65/ Month For Bus Money
  • $1,260 A Month For Child Care
  • Free Legal Help To Get More Maternity Leave
  • $4,000 to Paint Your Home
  • Free CD-ROM of Fun Games For Kids
  • Make Extra Cash Finding Government Lost Money
  • Free Puzzle’s From NASA
  • Discounts On Braces For Your Kids
  • Free Mammograms and Breast Cancer treatment
  • Free Services To Find A Lost Lover Or Relative
  • $200 To Pay Your Phone Bill
  • Free Eyeglasses
  • Free Health Insurance For Your Kids
  • $20,000 Grant To Fix Up Your Home
  • Free College For Women Over 55
  • 100 Grants For Women Entrepreneurs
  • $15,000 To Start A Business When You’re Out of Work
  • Money To Start A Day Care Center
  • Free Seminars On How To Start An Import/Export Business
  • 0% Interest Loans To Start A Business In A Small Town
  • Free Books On Child Care
  • Free Tuition, Day Care and Transportation
  • Save $2,000 on Preparing A Business Plan
  • Free Money For Women Inventors
  • Money To Pay for Closing Costs On A New Home
  • Money For Women to Start Taxi Companies
  • Government Contracts For Women Entrepreneurs
  • Free Child Care When You’re Looking For A Job
  • 178 Scholarships For Mom’s Going Back To College
  • Free Legal Help For Collecting Child Support
  • How To Choose A Financial Planner
  • Make $500 Turning In Annoying Telephone Solicitors
  • Free Estimate On Your Retirement Needs
  • Free Credit Repair
  • Get $84 Off On Your Phone Bill
  • $700 Off On You Utility Bill
  • Free Accounting Services for Your Non-Profit
  • Free Cloths For Interviews
  • Grants For Parents of Kids With Hearing Loss
  • Money For Living Expenses While You’re Pregnant
  • Abortions Starting at $250
  • Free Flu Shots
  • Free Seeing Eye Dogs
  • Free Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counseling & Treatment
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pills Available Without Prescription
  • Free Immunizations
  • Discounts On Bicycle Helmets
  • Wow…The Government Will Pay Your Mortgage
  • Free Marketing Help In Selling Arts and Crafts Free

And Much More!



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