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If for any reason you are not sa

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Money Club Membership, feel free to cancel at anytime.

If you have time remaining on your subscription, this time will be prorated back to your charge card.

Matthew Lesko does not guarantee you will receive government money. If someone is guaranteeing you government money, avoid the offer as it will always be a scam.

We do guarantee that you will receive the best research in the world for the money. We never know ahead of time how many applications you will eventually receive. And we do not guarantee that all the applications you will find will be tailored exactly to your specific idea and circumstances. The world is rarely that specific on anything.


Having the applications that may not be perfect, but closely fit your needs, is also a very important commodity when looking for money. Armed with a number of "close-to-it" applications in your hand, you will then be able to see how you can re-adjust your needs to meet the reality of available funding. Power is in knowing the truth, and by holding the truth in your hand you will be able to make those important decisions that affect the rest of your life.


A successful person continually trains to implement a plan based upon a reality and not a fantasy. We will provide you with that reality so that you can arm yourself for success in the best possible way.


We also do not guarantee that you will receive the money once you apply for it. Some programs do have applications success ratios as high as 67%, but there are no applications where 100% of the people who apply receives what they ask for. Nothing in life is guaranteed, except death.


The important thing is that you will have all the necessary tools to play "The Money Game". You will no longer have to sit around and just dream about doing what you always wanted to do. This service eliminates your first steps. Itís the biggest steps of all. The ones that put all the sources, assistance and real applications for money at the click of a mouse. The rest is up to you. And if you donít get the money, you will always know you had the best in the world helping you find it. You can then: 

  1. re-adjust your idea
  2. put your idea aside and concentrate on other things
  3. apply for the money again next year when this money pot is refilled.

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